Dibiesse Cucine

Since 1973 Dibiesse is committed to conceiving, designing and producing “personalized, modern, beautiful, well-made kitchens that last over time”.

Designing innovative environments that combine aesthetics, creativity and practicality. Share with the clients a consolidated experience on design and build kitchens that not only are beautiful, and functional but that will also last a lifetime; Alltogether, offering a complete and dedicated service.


The company tradition dates back to the early 1900s, deriving from the first artisanal and proto-industrial experiences of the Elli family. The natural evolution of the first artisan works, the company was founded in 1957 by the three brothers Tarcisio, Alfredo and Enrico, sons of Luigi.

Elli designs and manufactures furniture with an elegant and timeless design. The company is the consequence and success of its long history, experience, diligent work, and culture of know-how. Rooted in the Brianza area since its foundation in 1957, it is today considered one of the main players of “Made in Italy” in the world furniture scene.


RES ITALIA has been designing and producing doors and systems since 1962, the year in which Enrico Santambrogio founded the company and placed it in a bustling production context, which was able to bring the style of Made in Italy furniture to the world: Brianza.


Fimes represents a point of reference in the “sleeping area” sector having been able to develop significant, unprecedented and innovative design ideas over the years. The company, working by choice, exclusively in the night sector, has always offered a wide range of products. Attentive to everyday needs, respecting the specific needs of the customer, it has been able to interpret the lifestyles and market trends that have taken place over time.


Stocco. Since 1969 the innovative bathroom furniture

Water, design, passion: this is the energy that moves the company Stocco. Founded in 1969 by the brothers Gabriele, Giorgio and Antonio Stocco, the company has specialized in the furniture sector and, in particular, in the production of bathroom furniture. During the last thirty years we have consolidated our presence in the world of design bathroom furniture becoming an international leader in quality Italian production and investment in innovation with iconic collections such as Vela, Quarantotto, the Origami bathtub, the Iks, Over, Loop furniture systems.